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CARBIDE BURRS (carbide rotary burrs)Carbide Burrs 01.jpg


Carbide Burrs 02.jpgCarbide burrs (carbide rotary burrs, rotary files) are a cutting tool used in a die grinder, spinning at high revs to grind away material, porting, or deburr work pieces. Generally they consist of a steel shank in popular standard sizes (1/8”, ¼”, 3mm, 6mm), held in the collet of a diegrinder. The carbide cutting head is sweated to the shank.

Many sizes and shapes are available, mostly common shapes throughout the various manufacturers. Quality of the carbide will also vary depending on manufacturer & price.


Carbide Burrs 04.jpgCarbide Burrs 03.jpgIf you are seriously using carbide burrs and expect good life & performance, we strongly recommend the German “Karnasch” carbide burrs, giving at least 4 times the life of others.

We stock and sell a lot of these burrs and customers now specify that they want only “Karnasch” Carbide burrs.


Coarse cut carbide burrs are generally suited best for aluminium


 In addition to using carbide burrs, “mounted points” are the abrasive stone type cutters, similar to burrs also used mainly for polishing & finishing often after a carbide burr. Mounted points can come in an enormous range of shapes & sizes. Miller’s Tooling can also supply a range of mounted points from Flexovit & Norton, and diamond mounted points, CBN mounted points as required.






Carbide Burrs Listing.JPG




Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd can supply;


‘‘Karnash” carbide rotary burrs

“Sutton” carbide rotary burrs

“Bassett” carbide rotary burrs

“Menlo” carbide rotary burrs

“China” carbide rotary burrs