Each team member of Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd will ensure and maintain to all of our customers and new customers, that we are the 

of machineshop and engineering tooling Australia Wide.


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A 100% Australian company, Millers Tooling Pty Ltd began modestly in 2004; Over 15 years trading now, starting out at home in Shailer Park, QLD. Packaging on the kitchen bench, with a shed full of tooling; a one man band (with valuable aid from his 3 children), A special thankyou to Jade, Lauren & Michael for all their efforts and little helping hands as storeman & chief brochure sticker & stampers. In all Paul Miller was working extreme hours to fulfill and meet all customers' requirements and expectations, plus some, which is and will remain the priority today.

We would like to thank our existing clients for their support over many years and welcome new clients into the fold. As always we will strive to provide competitively priced, high quality products with service and support Australia wide.


 Managing Director, Paul Miller, has been in the engineering trade stream for over 40 years & sales now for over 29 years. Paul had extensive cross training in the engineering trade. An apprentice Fitter and Turner trained through the Australian Army for 11 years, gaining experience and qualifications in all aspects of machining, grinding, fitting, gunsmithing (armourer), small engines, blacksmithing, welding TIG/MIG, hydraulics and pneumatics, maintance repair, with a "just get it going again now" requirement from the "clients".

Because of these broad areas of training, Paul can now relate to all types of engineering shops and tool making with ease and understanding of their requirements; be it a fabricating shop or latest CNC production line.                    

After an additional 14 years of sales, servicing and advising machine shop tooling, Paul ventured out to begin Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd, built on his own honest reputation and vast knowledge. To date, another huge Aussie success story!

Paul Miller sells only products that he believes is best for the customer. He is extremely well known around the SE QLD engineering fraternity with an honest and likeable reputation. Formal advertising has not been necessary as "word of mouth" and positive recommendations have seen orders come from Melbourne to Innisfail, which in itself sums up Miller's Tooling. Probably 50% of our growing customer base has come from others recommending us, then these customers coming back.


  • Paul Miller uses his own name to endorse products and policy which he believes makes MILLER'S TOOLING genuine and honest.
  • Miller's Tooling is a premium supplier of service to customers. We get to know our customers and how they work and provide tooling & technical advice to suit their needs, not just flogging what we have on the shelf.
  • We can provide and source most tooling & accessories quickly and for the right price, from well over 100+ suppliers.
  • We save the customers time, with placing one order for all your requirements. Let us source your tooling so you can get on with your own job.
  • Miller's Tooling has now become a "one-stop shop"; from carbide tooling to rubber floormats; rigger gloves to digital readouts and CNC power chucks; sockets and toolboxes to optical profile projectors.
  • Customers relax with Miller's Tooling, because you know your order will be supplied promptly and we will advise if any delays.
  • We have experienced tradesmen on the road to meet our customers' needs, not just another rep but technical service engineers there to assist you.

In October 2006, the premises were purchased & now owned outright at;

Unit 13 / 8 Riverland Drive, Loganholme, Queensland, 4129.

We don't just have "sales reps" - Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd has a team of Technical Sales Specialists. All experienced tradesman and cutting tool experts ready to solve customers problems and advise on better solutions.


Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd can boast with our tooling display & air-cond. shop serviced & maintained by our technical office & service staff.

Steve Weeks is our Technical Office Manager at Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd  readily assisting our customers both old & new. Steve is a highly qualified fitter & machinist tradesman with over 36 years experience and a wide range of experience in machining, breakdown & production work on the tools, a vast experience of job planning, purchasing & running CNC machine shops. Steve has a helpful & relaxed attitude, troubleshooting and assisting your enquiries so you are confident that it will happen and be correct. Steve then ensures all orders are processed immediately & keeps a watchful eye on your order all the way through.Fishing is his 2nd passion to work....

David Brett, the best technical man on the road, Dave joined the team at Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd back in 2013 to enhance our services and technical advice provided to our customers on the road as our Technical Sales Specialist. Dave is out there on the road calling on our huge & growing customer base in his Display Van - bringing both knowledge, solutions and also the shop to you! David, a qualified Fitter & Machinist has over 29 year's hands on experience in carbide and cutting tools in general - predominately in production and CNC machine shops. His machining background including US Military contract,Panama Canal contract, extensive large hydraulic cylinder manufacture, rail & mining industry and castings machine work. Dave is always keen and ready to assist you with vices, clamping, tooling needs, David has a very friendly demeaner and extremely easy going nature ready to assist all enquiries.Dave has a constantly growing customer base which his personality has built, from word of mouth with his expertise. His hobbies include motor racing & Rugby League ( GO BRONCO's ...) & spending quality time with his family.

Tim Holt is a vital member of our team in the technical sales office at Loganholme, at Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd. Tim joined us in mid-2018 ready to assist customers with any enquiry. He is a qualified mechanical fitter/machinist tradesman with over 14 years’ experience. Tim’s experience previously was in the heavy rail and road transport fields, as well as the food packaging and processing industry. Having completed his time with Queensland Rail, Tim had a wide range of exposure to heavy manufacturing, breakdowns, precision measurement, fabrication and fit outs, also progressed into a team leader and material capacity planner roles.  Tim is an open and honest man, being very eager to assist with any enquiry and processing your order efficiently, he is friendly and very approachable and all too happy to help. Tim’s hobbies include shooting, motorcycles, and spending time with his family.

Shane Peters is our Warehouse Supervisor.  With over 15 years experience in warehousing, Shane is on board to control our busy store, ensuring orders are processed and packaged quickly and sent correctly, direct to you. Shane has stepped up to help out with creating and assisting with our computerised inventory, website, databases and general stock control / administration work. Shane is constantly liaising with our many suppliers and couriers to ensure timely delivery of your goods. Quality family time, car races & having a beer are some of Shane's past times.

Lyn Poole - Accounts & Admin Manager is an integral part of our team to ensure all the paperwork, procedures, etc are kept up to date and in perfect order. So yes - Lyn will ensure your bills are to be paid on time.... Lynette has experience of many years as receptionist, admin, accounts & finance for several other Companies bringing her vast knowledge & skills on board to Miller's Tooling. The engine room of Miller's Tooling is just as critical, as the brilliant salesman talking and assisting you. Lyn enjoys the quieter peaceful life - wishing she could remain at work instead of having weekends & holidays....

Zeb Colic is our technical man on the road in NSW Sydney / Newcastle district. Being a local grown Newcastle lad, Zeb did his time as a Fitter & Turner in Newcastle. He is a well known identity in these regions - after many years on the tools & CNC's, Zeb worked in sales calling on machine shops locally in Sydney & Newcastle for Kennametal carbide, eventually with his vast CNC & carbide experience, Zeb's career led to be the CEO of Taegutec carbide in Sydney & Melbourne for many years also. Zeb's reputation and hands on CNC experience around Sydney's regions is well established - now offering not only carbide tooling - but now, any type of tooling required for your maintainance and engineering machine shop. Zeb loves his hot cars in his downtime, being a solid Holden man.

All of our team at Miller's Tooling are renowned for our "thinking outside of the box" to solve issues and supply a solution to you, our customer. Together, we are very proud to work together as one unit - combined being the best in this field there is in Australia.  All staff members are cross trained in all fields to give our best performance to our new & old customers, we want you to come back again & again.

Without our customers - there would be no Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd !! We remind each other of this daily.

Come into our air-conditioned shop for a look; everyone finds something new or different behind the counter.

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Our shop incorporates our tooling display, warehouse, and despatch store. Extensions upstairs provide us with another office and conference room for training & meetings.

Now with a terrific sales & admin staff team, Miller's Tooling will provide great service to you, our customer, as you are the priority to all of us. 

Our future is to provide you with your next order quickly and efficiently, so you also keep coming back.


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We will achieve our Vision by:

1)   We will always remember that;

“Without our customers – there is no Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd!!”

2)   All of our team believes in and follows our Vision and will grow and work with our customer base.

3)   Our whole team will ensure honesty firstly, and be responsible for respect, reliability and best possible advice and service towards - not only our existing customers, but to all.

4)  “Out of the Box” thinking, a “Why Not” attitude - rather than a “Can’t” or a “Why?”     We have no limitation of positive things that can happen if we try.

5)   Hiring and training only the best staff team members in all areas in order to remain the best in our field of engineering service, advice and supply to our customers. This will be achieved as a team working together, for only the very best outcome for our customer.

6)  Positive “Word of Mouth” referrals are the ultimate compliment from our customer, and we will always seek and retain this compliment to satisfy our best selling feature.

7)  To deliver to our customer what we demand and also expect from our suppliers alike.

8)  Investing to keep ahead of the rest – we set the standards, for others to follow.

9)  We focus our interests in advancing our endeavours in what we are doing and where we are going as a team – not what the others are doing.

10)  We use our combined skills, knowledge and training to assist and improve our customers in their own methods of working and tooling.

11)  Our word is our bond – We deliver what we promise!




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