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Cutting internal keyways into a sleeve or bush can be easily done using a HSS keyway broach and a press. A keyway broaching tool is simply pressed thru a bore, using a sized bush as a guide, the tapered keyway broach Keyway Broaches 04.jpgcuts down the work piece to produce a keyway. A secondary pass is usuallyKeyway Broaches 05.jpg required with a shim behind the keyway broach to finish the keyway to size. This is the simplest & fastest way for cutting internal keyways. Much faster than setting up and machining, or slotting a keyway in a mill, shaper or slotting machine.


Even cheaper Chinese keyway broaches can be adequate for one off jobs, as long as the keyway broach is kept straight in alignment.


Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd can provide a huge section of keyway broaches manufactured from the USA, stocked on the shelf. Ranging from conventional keyway broaches in metric & imperial sizes, including; round, square & hexagonal keyway broaches at very reasonable pricing.Keyway Broaches 07.jpgKeyway Broaches 06.jpg


Keyway broach sets, bushes, shims are all avail. individually as well.


Arbor presses and hydraulic presses can also be purchased from Miller’s Tooling.



Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd can proudly supply;


“Hassay Savage” keyway broaches

“Steelman’s” keyway broaches

duMont “minute man” keyway broaches

“Chinese” keyway broaches