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Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd can offer a huge selection of side & face cutters. Side & face cutters made in High Speed steel (HSS) or also in brazed carbide tipped side and face cutters. Even custom made cutters can be arranged and supplied to you.

We also can offer slotting cutters from Walter, Iscar & other carbide cutting tool brands, to assist with your slot machining.

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HSS side & face cutters are traditionally used for milling slots and grooves. Disc type cutters with many teeth for faster feed rates. The side & face cutter as its name implies will cut a groove or slot and also cut the side walls in the workpiece at the same time.

Side and facing cutters are avail with staggered teeth (prevents harmonics & chatter) and regular straight teeth.

We can provide both metric and imperial side and face cutters.