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High Speed Steel slitting saws are used to machine a slot into material, using a milling machine or CNC machine centre. Slitting saws are round disc cutter with many teeth, to evenly distribute the cutting force & load giving a higher feed rate than a slotdrill or endmill.

Mostly slitting saws are run on an arbor with a 1” bore.


In recent times tooling has seen introduction of indexable carbide inserted slitting saws, for even higher production & tool life.

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Miller’s Tooling can offer a huge range of slitting saws in both types HSS and index. Carbide cutters avail from Walter & Iscar.


Contact us regarding your slitting saw requirements, not a lot of suppliers handle slitting saws these days. We need to know width of cut, diameter, bore size; both metric & imperial slitting saws are avail.



Walter side and face milling cutter F4053 / F4153 / F4253

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Side and face milling cutters starting at a cutting width of 4 mm

4-cut tangential indexable inserts

Hard-nickel plated surface provides protection from corrosion and wear, and ensures a better chip flow

Enhanced handling and higher tensioning and release torque from using Torx Plus bolts


ISCAR's slitting cutters feature a prismatic, wedged clamping system that has changed the industry's standard. Each cutting insert is manually positioned between the flexible jaws of a SELF-GRIP pocket - no screws or spare parts are required. Each pocket has a stopper that limits the insertion of the carbide insert and flexible jaws thatSlitting 05.jpg precisely and securely position each insert. Indexing is both easy and fast.
A simple lever extractor is used to remove the carbide insert and a plastic hammer aids in indexing. The entire indexing process is possible without removing the cutter from the machine.
This eliminates the need to re-position the cutter, resulting in minimal down-time.
Diameter range:
50 - 350 mm (1.969 - 13.780")
Specials are available in a diameter range of 39 - 1470 mm
(1.535 - 57.874")
Width range:
1.4 - 6 mm (0.55 - .236")
Specials are available in a width range of 1.3 - 8 mm (.051 - .315