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Spline cutting is the process of machining internal and external splines onto shafts, gears and other mechanical power transmission components. Splines can be either straight cut or helical cut.

Spline cutting can be accomplished using a variety of techniques. These include milling, broaching, rolling, slotting. But more commonly in a production environment, spline machining is performed using CNC hobbing techniques. It is also possible to turn a shaft and cut external gears and splines in one set up using a milling machine.

Splines are specified in DIN standards for the metric Module system; DIN 5480 & DIN 5482.
DIN 5480 is more popular spline today.
British Standard 3550;1963 and the American Standard ANSI B92.1 – 1970 are the same dimensions & spec’s as each other for splines.
Various pressure angles are available in splines– in Australia; most popular spline is 30’ PA (Pressure Angle).  Others are 37 ½’PA, 45’PA.

Flat Root spline is the minor diameter being flat.
The Fillet Root spline is deeper at the minor diameter to allow some clearance for oil, dirt, etc.

Involute Spline cutters (same as gear cutters) use an 8 cutter set, to achieve the number of splines required.

Range of Cutters for
Spline Cutters
No. Of Cutter Range
1 135 to a rack
2 55 to 134 teeth
3 35 to 54 teeth
4 26 to 34 teeth
5 21 to 25 teeth
6 17 to 20 teeth
7 14 to 16 teeth
8 12 to 13 teeth

Power Take Off splines are readily used for the agricultural industry. Miller’s Tooling stocks the two most popular PTO spline cutters;

PTO SPLINE CUTTER  -  1 3/8” X 6 spline   - ( USED UP TO 540 RPM MAX.)

PTO SPLINE CUTTER  -  1 3/8” X 21 spline   


Chain Sprocket cutters are avail in 3 cutters; No. 1, 2 & 3. Depending how many teeth are required.
No. 1 CUTTER =   9 – 12 teeth
No. 2 CUTTER =  13 - 19 teeth
No. 1 CUTTER =  20 - Plus teeth

0.135” pitch x 0.197” roller diameter
3/8”     pitch x 0.250” roller diameter
1/2”     pitch x 0.305” roller diameter
1/2”     pitch x 0.335” roller diameter
5/8”     pitch x 0.400” roller diameter
3/4”     pitch x 0.475” roller diameter
1”        pitch x 0.625” roller diameter
1 1/4”  pitch x 0.750” roller diameter

American Standard (ASA) Chain Sprocket cutters also avail on request.

Millers Tooling also stocks & sells Gear cutters, Chain Sprocket cutters, Slitting saws, Side & Face cutters, Concave cutters, Convex Cutters, Slotting cutters, Equal Angle cutters, Single Angle cutters etc.