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Tap and die sets are generally available in “carbon steel” (tungsten chrome alloy), however Miller’s Tooling can also offer High Speed Steel (HSS) tap & die sets if required.

The range of tap & die sets usually includes tap wrenches and diestocks as well.



Several brands are on offer;Tap & Die Set 02.jpg


“Sutton“ tap & die sets

“P&N“ tap & die sets

“Dormer’’ tap & die sets

”Walter-Titex” tap & die sets

“Gearwrench” tap & die sets

“China” taps & die sets (HSS & carbon steel sets)

“Goliath” taps & dies setsTap & Die Set 03.gif

“Kincrome” taps & die sets



Sets will range from Metric Coarse & Metric Fine, UNC, UNF, and BSW, etc.


Call us now to determine which set will best suit your needs.

Check out the ratcheting tapping & dienut wrenches from “Gearwrench”.

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