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CNC Spotting drills are used to act as a centreing drill to mark & start a hole to be drilled, as a drill tends to want to wander off it's centre otherwise. Spotting drills are usually 90’ with a stub flute for rigidity, unlike a centre drill, don’t have the pilot tit on the end (which is required for a lathe live centre to seat). The spotting drill is more economical than a centre drill due to strength & high breakage of centre drill points.


The other role of the CNC spotting drill is to machine a 90’ pre chamfer/countersink or debur a hole prior to drilling, all with the one operation of the “Z” axis or down feed in a milling machine, drill or CNC machine centre.

Hence only one machining operation is required to mark out (spot), provide a lead in for a drill start (especially on round bar) and to chamfer or debur a hole.

Spotting drills are avail in High Speed Steel (HSS) , alternatively solid carbide tools in 90’ and 60’ are also avail.


Nine Spotting Tool & InsertsHSS spotting drills are stocked & avail individually 3 – 25mm or as a 5 piece set.6 – 16mm.

The renowned “Nine” Spotting / Chamfering & Engraving tool – a must for any CNC machine centre is stocked on the shelf at Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd. Most machinists leave this “Nine” spot / chamfer tool at tool No.2 & use on almost every job.


The “Nine” engraving, spotting & chamfering is extremely versatile for any milling machine, especially CNC milling machines.

 Many other brands offer a chamfer tool but not a spotting drill as well, on the one tool!










The unique “Nine” engraving tool is avail with a 10mm shank, which has 4 cutting edges, coated carbide insert designed especially for engraving up to 1mm in all steels, etc (looking like a little Ninja star). Simply exchange the indexable carbide engraving insert back to multi purpose chamfer carbide inserts also available for general deburring & chamfering.




 For a live demo of this amazing tool click HERE  




“Nine” spotting & chamfering tools also offer the more popular 16mm shank tool similar to the above tool, however the one insert provides engraving, spotting, chamfering, deburring & face turning (trepanning) on lathe or mill as well.




Miller’s tooling allows customers to purchase the “Nine“ engraving or spotting / chamfer inserts (4 x edges) individually, or also avail in a packet of 10. Compare for yourself the cost of a 16mm HSS spotting drill against 1 x 4 edged coated carbide insert, which enables you to engrave, spot, chamfer & face machine on a lathe as well.




At Miller’s Tooling, we can advise & supply carbide insert grades for general purpose steels etc or specifically for Stainless Steel & Aluminium.


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Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd can offer brands including;

"Walter-Prototyp" spotting drills & cutting tools
"Walter-Titex" spotting drills & cutting tools
"Dormer" spotting drills & cutting tools
"Sutton" spotting drills & cutting tools
"Capital" spotting drills & cutting tools
"Chinese" spotting drills & cutting tool