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Miller's Tooling can offer you:

  • Scroll type self centering 3 Jaw lathe chucks
  • 4 jaw independent lathe chucks 
  • 4 jaw self centering lathe chucks
  • 6 jaw lathe chucks
  • Lathe Chucks with thru front face mounting bolts (ideally suited for rotary tables and indexing heads)
  • Low profile lathe chucks (great for your milling machine work holding)
  • Lathe chucks can come with two piece master and top jaws (soft jaws sets optional) or as standard inside & outside jaw sets.
  • CNC lathe power chucks are avail. in 2 jaw, 3 jaw etc.
  • Miller's Tooling can offer you options of top range Japanese lathe power chucks or more economical range of Taiwan & India CNC lathe power chucks.

jaw_3_4_image011.gifSee also our huge range of CNC soft jaws & hard jaws for CNC lathe power chucks and conventional lathe chucks.  Chuck grease is essential for your CNC lathe power chuck for longer life, better clamping and smoother operation. Custom jaws for square bar or castings are avail. for most CNC lathe power chucks. We also offer boring fixtures and can arrange special clamping fixtures for your production work.


Collet chucks to suit CNC & centre lathes are great for production bar work. Collets can hold round bar, hex and square bar.

jaw_3_4_image015.jpgLathe chuck sizes can range from 75mm up to & exceeding 1metre; the most popular being 3 jaw chucks around the 200-250mm diameter. Various adapter backing plates can be sought from A1 bayonet style mounting, to the most popular D1-6 camlock mount. Steel or cast chucks are on offer.  D style camlock backings are most popular these days on the centre lathe.  Common mounts for lathe chucks are the smaller D1-4 (3 pin) camlock mounting, D1-6, D1-8 and D1- 1 on larger lathe spindle mounts.

CNC lathes tend to have A2 style spindle mountings, also in various sizes.  Power chucks for CNC lathes can be "open" (thru bore) or "closed" power chucks.  "Open" CNC power chucks are for bar work & with bar feeders, while the "closed" CNC power chucks are for short chucking jobs & castings.

Experienced staff at Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd can assist you to identify your lathe spindle mount, or offer a backplate to adapt to your lathe.  We have specs charts avail. to identify and ensure dimensions are correct fitting first time.

Popular lathe chuck brands Miller's Tooling can offer:jaw_3_4_image017.gif

"Kitagawa" (Japan)  CNC lathe power chucksjaw_3_4_image021.jpg
"MMK"    CNC lathe power chucks
"Howa"   CNC lathe power chucks
"Auto block"   CNC lathe power chucks
"Vertex" (Taiwan)  CNC lathe power chucks

"TOS" (Chez)   lathe chucks
"Pratt Bernard" (U.K.)   lathe chucks
"Rohm" (German)  lathe chucks
"Bison" (Polish)     lathe chucks
"Fuerda"    lathe chucks

"Gold Series"   lathe chucks

Economy "Chinese"  lathe chucks


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