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carbide_inserts_image001.jpgCLICK HERE TO BUY CARBIDE INSERTS NOW!

Indexable carbide inserts (throw away carbide inserts or tips) come in all shapes and sizes for machining all applications.  

"ISO" carbide inserts are to suit lathe toolholders from all brands, where "niche" carbide inserts are created by a particular carbide company for special applications or to provide advantages over ISO carbide inserts.



MILLER'S TOOLING Pty Ltd has been proudly appointed the SE QLD distributor for "TaeguTec" carbide tools.

However, we can also offer you carbide inserts from most other carbide companies including: 

TAEGUTEC Toolholders & Carbide Inserts      ToolHolders_image018.gif   

ISCAR Toolholders & Carbide Inserts                 ToolHolders_image012.jpg

SECO Toolholders & Carbide Inserts                 ToolHolders_image016.gif 

SANDVIK COROMANT Toolholders & Carbide Inserts    ToolHolders_image014.gif

VALENITE Toolholders & Carbide Inserts               ToolHolders_image020.gif

WIDIA Toolholders & Carbide Inserts                      ToolHolders_image022.gif

KENNAMETAL Toolholders & Carbide Inserts       ToolHolders_image024.gif

TUNGALOY Toolholders & Carbide Inserts             ToolHolders_image026.gif    

MITSUBISHI Toolholders & Carbide Inserts            ToolHolders_image028.gif

SUMITOMO Toolholders & Carbide Inserts            ToolHolders_image030.gif

KYOCERA Toolholders & Carbide Inserts                 ToolHolders_image032.gif

STELLRAM Toolholders & Carbide Inserts           ToolHolders_image034.gif 

WALTER Toolholders & Carbide Inserts            carbide_inserts_image006.jpg    walterlogo new small.jpg  

carbide_inserts_image031.jpgCommon "roughing" indexable carbide inserts are usually 80' (WNMG or CNMG Inserts) negative rake, double sided carbide inserts.

"Finishing" and "profiling" indexable carbide inserts are often positive rake, usually 35' (VCMT) or 55' (DCMT).

The chipbreaker (top edge form) of the indexable carbide insert plays an important role to control the swarf to break off, this prevents birdnesting / tangling of swarf around the lathe toolholder or turret, providing a better finish.  In CNC lathes, breaking swarf is critical so the swarf or chip conveyor continues to remove the swarf.

Carbide inserts are made of a sintering process using powdered carbide.  Then baking the insert, various coating methods  are used which cover the carbide substrate with a hard wearing surface only microns thick.  This appears as gold or black depending on the coatings; some have many layers of coatings.  Each coating process is a closely guarded secret held by each carbide brand, which allow advantages for use with certain materials.

Even Diamond, PCD indexable inserts (poly crystal diamond) or man-made CBN indexable inserts (cubic boron nitride) can be used, mainly for high volume and long life when machining and finishing aluminium or cast iron. These are tipped tools, where the diamond is sweated to a carbide insert.


CARBIDE GRADES (usually on back of insert box):

STEEL - has an ISO " P " code & BLUE in colour - P05 (hardest grade) - P50 (toughest grade)
STAINLESS STEEL - has an ISO "M" code & is YELLOW - M05 (hardest grade) - M50 (toughest grade)
CAST IRON- has an ISO " K " code & is RED - K05 (hardest grade) - K50 (toughest grade)
ALUMINIUM- has an ISO " N " code & is GREEN - N05 (hardest grade) - N50 (toughest grade)

carbide_inserts_image033.jpgThreading and Grooving are also readily available in indexable inserts.  Both internal and external thread cutting is achievable with inserts that are mirror image of each other.

The lay-down style is the most popular giving 3 cutting edges.  16mm thread inserts cover 0.5 - 3.0mm or 4 - 48TPI in a general purpose insert (eg. 16 ER AG 60' ), referred to as "partial profile" threading inserts, while production demands "full form" threading inserts.

"Full form" thread inserts offer exact corner radius and profile features to produce an exact thread every time (eg. 16 ER 1.25 ISO), being a 1.25mm pitch METRIC 60' thread insert.

Grooving inserts are available to go into thread toolholders and internal thread bars, which complement circlip & ‘O' ring grooves.  Grooving toolholders can accept groove carbide inserts especially ground to these sizes with tight tolerances for internal grooving, external grooves and face grooves.