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colletchuck009.jpgMiller's Tooling Pty Ltd has a huge range of collet chucks stocked and available for immediate use. The collet chuck is used in a milling machine to hold endmills and slotdrills. "Clarkson" collet chucks were the standard "threaded shank" type holding system used until recent years. Many other variations of threaded shank collet chucks were also and are still available; such as "Posilock" collet chucks, "Horma" collet chucks.

colletchuck007.jpgThe disadvantages of the threaded type collet chucks are 2 x sets of collets are required to cover metric collets and imperial collets; then another collet chuck to hold cutting tools above 16mm. Apart from being expensive, the individual collets set held 4 x nominal sizes, and could hold threaded shank HSS cutting tools only. Their biggest advantage, however, was guaranteed non-slip.

colletchuck011.jpgHowever these days, due to the amount of CNC mills and CNC lathes flooding the engineering market, the most popular collet chuck for holding cutting tools is the "ER" collet chuck system. ER style collet chucks have become the industry standard, replacing the Clarkson collet chuck. ER collet systems have spring type collets, as shown.  This allows the collet to compress up to 1mm and collets will also include imperial sizes in the same collet (ie. 6 - 7mm will accept ¼" cutting tools as well as 6mm shank cutting tools).

colletchuck013.jpgCarbide cutting tools with straight shanks can now be easily held in ER collets thus allowing a whole new aspect of milling and turning especially in production. ER collets are not restricted to only threaded shank cutting tools but they allow any parallel shank cutter, drills in 0.1mm increments or even taps to be held securely in the collet chuck.

ER collets come in a range of sizes; ER11, ER16, ER20, ER25, ER32, ER40 & ER50.  Size range increasing each type, each collet still steps up in 1mm increments. Sets are available which include the collet chuck, collets and wrench, either as 7piece collets set or complete with every collet in 1mm increments.

colletchuck015.jpgThe ER style collet chuck also comes in shanks to suit conventional mills, with Morse Taper, R8, ISO30, ISO40 & ISO50 spindle tapers. Then the CNC machine centre spindles have BT30, BT40, BT50, SK40, HSK50, HSK63 spindle tapers. 

colletchuck017.jpgCNC lathes are best suited to be tooled up with straight shank collet chucks.
Parallel shank, ER collet chucks are available in smaller 20mm shank - ER16 collet chuck up to 40mm straight shank to ER40 collet chucks.

colletchuck019.jpgThe CNC collet chuck is ideal for holding drills (carbide & HSS drills), taps, centredrills and even boring bars. The straight shank bolts directly into the CNC lathes turret or can step up with CNC reducing sleeves.

See also Tapping Chucks, as the same ER style collet system is available with compression and float to suit tapping in CNC lathes and CNC machine centres.


colletchuck021.jpgOther collet chucks are also used with parallel outside diameters, such as the C25, C32 or OZ systems.

Hydraulic collet chucks can be used mainly in CNC machine centres milling with solid carbicolletchuck023.jpgde endmills for finishing & profiling moulds etc, where rigidity and vibration is kept to a minimum.

colletchuck025.jpgCollets are also available individually to suit standard spindle forms to suit Morse tapers, R8 tapers, 5C collets & U2 collets generally for toolroom grinders.


                                ER collet trays as pictured are great for storage of sets of collets.colletchuck027.jpg


colletchuck029.jpgSpindle wipers, as illustrated, are essential for CNC machines to keep the spindle taper clean and free of rust and grit.



Threaded Shank Collet Endmill Chuckcolletchuck031.jpg

  • For threaded shank End Mills and Slot Drills
  • Interchangeable with Clarkson Autolock


  • Concentricity of outside taper of chuck with respect to bore of chuck within 0.005mm
  • Case depth maintained within 0.8 to 1.0mm
  • Concentricity on test mandrel after clamping with threaded collet =0.02mm
  • Taper matching = 90%


  • SMALL CHUCK SETS - Inch sets contain chuck and ¼", 3/8", ½" & 5/8" collets and wrench
    Metric sets contain chuck & 6mm, 10mm, 12mm & 16mm collets and wrench
    Available with MT, ISO, R8 & BT shanks
  • LARGE CHUCK SETS - Inch sets contain chuck, 1" & 1 ¼" collets and wrench
    Metric sets contain chuck, 25mm & 32mm collets and wrench
    Available with MT, ISO, R8 & BT shanks 


    for small chucks ¼", 3/8", ½", 5/8" or 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm
    for large chucks ¾", 1", 1 1/4" or 20mm, 25mm & 32mm