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Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd can proudly offer several popular brands of digital readout systems to suit your lathe, milling machine, drill-mill, drilling machine, grinders, borer or shaper.  The digital readout can enhance an old machine's wear and tear by giving a true reading of dimensional movement; or simply give greater ease and accuracy to the operator.

It has been proven that once a customer installs his first digital readout unit to a lathe or mill, he generally installs digital readouts to all machines in his machineshop or tool room.  Either 2 or 3 axis digital readouts are avail.  They convert easily to mm & inch (metric & imperial); resolution can be set to 0.001Um, radius or diameter; data memory to store jobs; pitch circle diameter features; with backup memory for power failures, etc.  Digital readout scales can be glass scales or, the more robust "Newall" scales can offer ground steel balls in a tube to handle vibration & the harsh elements better.

Let us help you decide which model digital readout best suits you budget and requirements as experienced sales staff are avail to call on you to help measure up & explain the many features.



A quality 3 axis digital readout could be on your turret mill for aprox. $1,700.00.

CLICK ON " DOWNLOAD BROCHURE " FOR Easson digital readout specifications & details.



 Major digital readout brands Miller's Tooling can supply include:      Digital_readouts_image013.gif

  • "EASSON" Digital Readout
  • "MITUTOYO" Digital Readout
  • "FAGOR" Digital Readout
  • "NEWALL" Digital Readout