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Keyless_Chucks_image003.jpgThe famous "Jacob's" drill chuck is the generic name given to the key type drill chuck used on nearly all metal cutting machines where drilling is involved. "Jacob's" is an American company renowned for their precision and high quality range of drill chucks. 

Keyed drill chucks are the toughest used in industry for holding straight shank jobber drills. The key has a series of teeth to lock the three jaw key chuck gripping the shank of the drill.  Keyed type drill chucks are best for tough applications; for strongest grip and heaviest force. Most common applications are on radial arm and drill presses.

Keyless_Chucks_image001.jpgThe keyless chuck is usually reserved for high precision, accurate holding of jobber drills in a milling machine or lathe; due to more controlled conditions.  Although the keyless drill chuck is preferred by most as it is quicker and no key to lose - it is not always the best choice for heavier conditions.

Size range of the chucks will vary for the capacity of drill the key or keyless chuck will hold. Usually 1 - 10mm, 1.5 - 13mm and 3 - 16mm are popular drill chuck capacities.

Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd can offer a mini 0 - 4mm key chuck that comes with an 8mm arbor - extremely popular to replace pin chucks & pin vices.

Keyless_Chucks_image005.jpgMorse taper shanks are best fitted by freezing or shrink-fitting the taper into the back taper of the key or keyless drill chuck. The most common taper in the drill chucks in Australia are usually JT6 or JT3 and B16, which will be part of the Morse taper arbor.

Milling arbors also have JT6 & JT3 on the end of their shanks, so the key drill chuck or keyless drill chuck mounts direct to the milling arbor reducing the need for adaptors and extensions from the Morse taper arbors.  Also variations to fit thread mounted electric and portable drills are usually ½" x 20 or 3/8" X 24 tpi.


Key & keyless drill chucks are available to be used on CNC lathes and CNC milling centres.  The CNC keyless chuck has an additional lock to prevent releasing on sudden stopping of the spindle.  We can offer a CNC keyless chuck already fitted one piece to suit BT40 spindles etc.


Brands stocked and sold by Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd:

"JACOB'S"  Drill Chucks
"ALBRECHT" Drill Chucks
"ROHM"      Drill Chucks
"PORTA"     Drill Chucks
"VERTEX"   Drill Chucks
"GOLDEN GOOSE" Drill Chuck

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