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Knurling tools come in many shapes and sizes. Here, at Miller's Tooling we can help you choose the best knurling solution for you.

Knurling forms a criss-cross pattern on materials, when turned on a lathe.

Common applications for knurling are for handles and grips on tools, handles and levers; also can be knurled to create presentation.

Knurling_image001.jpg Knurling_image005.jpg Knurling_image007.jpg Knurling_image011.jpg

We have stocked on-the-shelf knurling tools with multi-heads to cover Fine knurls, Medium knurls & Coarse knurls in one tool.  Straight knurls can be purchased as well.  Single replacement knurl wheels can also be supplied.

For production machining on centre lathes and CNC lathes another knurling process can be used to actually cut the material to leave a knurled finish in many knurl pitch variations. This process of knurling leaves the job on actual diameter, rather than raising the size by cold forming the material as the conventional knurling method does.

"Quick Knurl" or "Integi" & "Zeus" knurl brands are all available.

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