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LATHE FILES - Long Angle           lathetool001.jpg                                       


Bahco manufactures a long angle lathe file, stocked at Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd. This lathe file is 12" in length and flat with square edges; and is perfect for chamfering and removing burrs, sharp edges whilst turning on the centre lathe. The lathe file has 30' angle teeth, so swarf will slither from the job without damaging the file teeth; made to be used whilst the job is spinning.

When filing work revolving in a lathe, the file should not be held rigid or stationary, but stroked constantly. A slight gliding or lateral motion assists the file to clear itself and eliminate ridges and grooves. While a Mill file is capable of good lathe filing, there is a special Long Angle Lathe file with teeth cut at a much larger angle. This provides a cleaner shearing, self-clearing file, eliminates drag or tear, overcomes chatter and reduces clogging. Uncut edges on this file protect any shoulders on the work, which are not filed. Lathe filing is usually employed for fitting shafts. Where stock is to be removed, a 12"/300mm Long Angle Lathe file is preferable. This file will provide the finish suitable for a drive fit.

Recommended Surface Feet per Minute for Lathe Filing:

Cast Iron                     approx 150
Annealed Tool Steel     approx 175
Machinery Steel           approx 350
Soft Yellow Brass         approx 500

Many lathe filers make a practice of not using a new file for work requiring an extremely fine finish. In using the Long Angle Lathe file, care should be taken at shaft ends as this fast cutting file may cut too deeply. Do not run a hand over lathe work, as oil and moisture can coat the surface and make it difficult for the file to take hold.