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MT ARBORS (to suit chucks)


Morse taper arbors are required in many configurations to suit the key or keyless drill chucks and some tapping heads.  The standard is a Jacob's Taper on one end of a Morse taper arbor; ie. 3MT - JT6 is probably the most common Morse taper arbor used in Australia.

Many other tapers are also available to mate with a drill chuck taper, including JT6 & JT3, B16 etc.  In addition, threaded ends are usually on power drill chucks. Quite often the taper mount for the chuck is stamped onto the drill chuck enabling easy identification of the taper required.

Morse taper arbors are available with ½" x 24tpi and 3/8" x 20tpi threaded ends. Alternatively, parallel arbors can be obtained to run in CNC lathe toolholders.

The easiest way to secure the Morse taper arbor to the drill chuck is to freeze or shrink fit in; it then becomes permanent and has a very accurate run out tolerance.

 mtarbor004_5.jpg                                     mtarbor005_0.jpg