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Pipe Centres or revolving cone centres have bearings creating a live centre on a 60' or 90' ground steel cone, best suited for holding hollow pipe or tube, for turning on a lathe.

Papie_Centres_image005.jpgThe largest diameter of the pipe centre indicates the diameter of the job it will hold, generally with a weight and max. RPM speed rating on the quality pipe centres.

Several types of pipe centre kits are also on offer, which have interchangeable cones and reverse cones. 

Papie_Centres_image009.jpgAnother popular pipe centre is offered from "Daintree Tools", which has a general purpose live centre, with various diameter cones available individually to slide onto the live centres hardened point.     Papie_Centres_image007.jpg




Brands available from Miller's Tooling:

"DAINTREE TOOLS" Pipe Centres (Australian made)
"PIPER TOOLS"       Pipe Centres (Australian made)
"ALFRED LEWIS"    Pipe Centres (Australian made)
"VERTEX"   Pipe Centres
"RIMET"      Pipe Centres
"CHINA"      Pipe Centre