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SOFT JAWS            

 SoftJaws_image003.jpg    SoftJaws_image001.gif        

Soft jaws to suit CNC power chucks and conventional centre lathes are stocked and avail. from Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd.

Hard & soft jaws can be sourced for most popular centre lathe 3 jaw and 4 jaw chucks. 

We can also offer you custom SoftJaws_image005.jpgmade soft or hard jaws to hold extrusions, square bars or castings.

These soft jaws are manufactured in Australia to the highest standards to suit Kitagawa, MMK, Howa, Pratt & Autoblock CNC power chucks.  The steel soft jaws are made from K1144 steel which enables them to be flame-hardened once machined to suit your component.

It is critical to choose the correct serrations, slot width & centre hole distance to suit your CNC power chuck.  Our skilled staff can assist you to select the correct soft jaws to best hold your job.

CNC boring fixtures make life easier, when trueing or boring out soft jaws.SoftJaws_image007.jpg

Ask about the advantages of using correct power chuck grease. Our chuck grease has been formulated by Molycote especially for Kitagawa chucks to give you longer life. The chuck grease is extreme pressure and resistant to coolant washout.