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quickchange001.jpgQuick Change Toolposts mounted on a centre lathe makes turning a lot easier, quicker and more accurate. The ability to remove a face turning toolholder and insert a part off toolholder with minimal fuss, assists with the time the job can be completed.


MILLER'S TOOLING Pty Ltd has been appointed the "exclusive" Australian distributor for the world's famous Italian brand ALGRA.

We are stocking Algra quick change toolposts and Algra quick change toolpost spare parts. Algra also manufacturers live tooling and driven tooling, including driven collet chucks to suit most CNC lathes and CNC machine centres, call Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd now and talk to our experienced staff.


Meccanica di precisione | Algra

Quick change toolholders allow the machinist to have all his toolholders set up on centre height so the tool will perform immediately; especially with boring bars, packing is quite often required which can lead to guessing centre height and wasting time.

quickchange003.jpgUsually one lock holds the preset toolholder on centre height in one change. The toolholders can be adjusted to correct centre heights, usually by knurled adjustment knobs. This is a huge step forward compared to the conventional 4 way square tool post and searching for packing strips.

quickchange005.jpgAdditional toolholders and boring bar holders are also available to hold all of your toolholders, ready to go!

Quick change toolposts can also be used in conjunction with digital readouts that offer toolholder numbering; eg. toolholder No.3 is the profiling / finish tool with the tool length offsets already entered into the digital readout, almost like a CNC application for a batch run.

Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd offers several brands of quick change toolposts, where most are readily adaptable to your lathe. Usually some minor fitting is required as quick change toolposts are universal, not made for quickchange.jpga specific lathe. We can also get hold of most spare individual toolholders as required.

We also offer a "quick change boring bar system", which includes a block to centre height and several sleeves to suit boring bars. Simply pick up the sleeve with your boring bar already mounted and on size, lock in toolhoder block and start machining.

 Major brands Miller's Tooling can offer and supply are:

"ALGRA RAPIDUE"  Made in Italy
"DICKSON"        Made in England
"HAASE"            Made in Germany
"CHINA"             Economical