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ToolHolders_image005.jpgCarbide turning inserts, lathe toolholders and boring bars are a specialty of Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd.  With many years of turning and sales experience; we can provide the right toolholder as well as guide you on technical speeds and feeds cutting data for various materials.  Be it a new CNC lathe tooling package or a hobbyist centre lathe at home; the correct toolholders are important to the finish of your job.     

Lathe turning toolholders and boring bars have a huge range from 80' (CNMG's) roughing lathe toolholders to 35' (VNMG's) finishing & profiling lathe toolholders.  Most are ISO comToolHolders_image007.jpgpatible carbide inserts between different brands.    

Threading toolholders are usually ISO compatible.  Also available are the quick change system toolholders for CNC lathes like Capto, VDI tooling etc and thru coolant tools.      

We proudly offer "TaeguTec"; premium quality lathe turning toolholders and boring bars in our off-the-shelf  lathe toolholders, as we have been appointed TaeguTec's selected distributor for the SE QLD region. ToolHolders_image009.jpg




In addition, Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd can also offer most other popular brands of lathe toolholders and boring bars to suit carbide inserts including:

TAEGUTEC Toolholders & Carbide Inserts     Taegutec Logo.jpg  

ISCAR Toolholders & Carbide Inserts                 ToolHolders_image012.jpg

SECO Toolholders & Carbide Inserts                 ToolHolders_image016.gif 

SANDVIK COROMANT Toolholders & Carbide Inserts    ToolHolders_image014.gif

TAEGUTEC Toolholders & Carbide Inserts      ToolHolders_image018.gif

VALENITE Toolholders & Carbide Inserts               ToolHolders_image020.gif

WIDIA Toolholders & Carbide Inserts                      ToolHolders_image022.gif

KENNAMETAL Toolholders & Carbide Inserts       ToolHolders_image024.gif

TUNGALOY Toolholders & Carbide Inserts             ToolHolders_image026.gif    

MITSUBISHI Toolholders & Carbide Inserts            ToolHolders_image028.gif

SUMITOMO Toolholders & Carbide Inserts            ToolHolders_image030.gif

KYOCERA Toolholders & Carbide Inserts                 ToolHolders_image032.gif

STELLRAM Toolholders & Carbide Inserts           ToolHolders_image034.gif

WALTER Toolholders & Carbide Inserts            carbide_inserts_image006.jpg  walterlogo new small.jpg


Lathe toolpost centre heights can vary from 12mm up to 50mm, with the most popular lathe turning toolholders being 20mm & 25mm toolholders for turning on your lathe.

Turning can demand a great stress and load on the toolholder; creating chatter & vibration on the job, usually due to instability of the carbide insert in its pocket and clamping system used.  Walter has gone to great lengths to provide stable clamping to match their latest turning carbide insert grades and range.

Wedgelock, lever lock are used to secure negative rake carbide inserts, while screw locks are typical of toolholder clamping systems for positive rake carbide inserts.

ToolHolders_image040.jpg      ToolHolders_image036.jpg      ToolHolders_image038.jpg

 Taegutec Logo.jpg

Toolholders TaeguTec 01.jpgToolholders TaeguTec 02.jpgToolholders TaeguTec 03.jpgToolholders TaeguTec 04.jpgToolholders TaeguTec 05.jpg

Toolholders TaeguTec 06.jpg

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As pictured; “ TAEGUTEC” Carbide Tooling offers a system of “T – CLAMP”.

Parting Off, Turning (left & right hand turning), Facegrooving or Face Turning & Internal Grooving or Turning - all using only one economical insert.

i.e.; buy 1 x packet of inserts – not 6 x different inserts!

Talk to the Miller’s Tooling team about this system now.


The T-Clamp multifunctional system permits a host of operations: 
» Parting and grooving
» External turning and grooving
» Internal turning and grooving
» Precision grooving and recessing
» Face grooving and face turning
» Undercutting and recessing 


Toolholders TaeguTec 08.jpg


Internal turning, back turning, profiling, grooving, chamfering and face machining of small diameters

Toolholders TaeguTec 09.jpg

» Internal machining from Ømin 0.6mm
» Best solution for internal turning, profiling, grooving and face machining 
   especially on small diameters
» TiAlN coating for extended tool life
» Shank diameters: 4, 7mm
» Internal coolant channel through the body directly to the cutting edge
» Promotes better chip evacuation and longer tool life 

Toolholders TaeguTec 10.jpg