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At Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd we can offer you many types of angleplates for work holding, clamping & holding jobs & fixtures.Angleplates 04.jpg

The angle plate is usually made from high quality material (generally spheroidal cast iron) that has been stabilized to prevent further movement or distortion. Slotted holes or Tee bolt slots are machined into the surfaces to enable the secure clamping of the workpiece to the angleplates; the angleplates is in turn bolted to the worktable of the machine.


Angleplates may also be used to hold the workpiece square to the table during marking out operations.

Angleplates 05.jpgMost popular angleplates are 90’ angleplates, made of cast iron with slots for clamping. Angleplates are avail. In either ground or mill machined finish, also options are avail. that have a web / gusset on the angleplate to give extra support, or just a plain right angled angleplate so internal clamping can be easily done.



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 Several types of Tilting angleplates & Adjustable angleplates are also available for workpieces that need to be inclined, usually towards a milling cutter, so that a surface can be milled or ground on an angle as required. Even ground sine angleplates are avail. in adjustable sizes, as well as magnetic sine angleplates used for toolroom grinding with slip gauges or gauge blocks.



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Other associated holding tools such as vee blocks, clamp kits, angle vices, rotary & swivel tables etc are all avail. in our huge machine tooling range.


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