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Miller's Tooling can boast an enormous amount of arbor and adapters to suit most milling machine or difficult requirements.

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arbor003.jpgGenerally arbors are used in milling machines of all types to hold milling facemills of any brand or size. Then extending to milling arbor to hold boring heads, extearbor001.jpgnsions and reducers to adapt arbors and cutters from one mill machine to suit another milling machine. Also required to secure the huge range of Morse Taper tools such as morse taper drills, reamers, etc.


Usually when a mill face cutter is purchased you will also require a suitable arbor to set the cutter into the mill machine's spindle. arbor005.jpgSome of the most common spindle arbor sizes are NT30 (ISO30), NT40 (ISO40), NT50 (ISO50), 2 & 3MT arbors, R8 arbors also can have metric and imperial drawbar threads. Suited for the CNC machines are BT30, BT40, BT50, SK30, SK40, SK50, HSK 50, HSK63, plus many more.

The shank is decided by the milling machine's spindle as above and then the lower section is a spigot to suit a particular cutter's diameter.

arbor007.jpgOnce again, an ISO standard is 16mm spigot suits a 40mm cutter,
22mm spigot suits a 50 & 63mm facemill cutter,
27mm spigot suits an 80mm facemill cutter,
32mm spigot suits a 100mm facemill cutter,
40mm spigot suits a 125mm facemill cutter,
then a 60mm spigot & bolt pattern to hold larger cutters.

arbor009.jpgA typical example is a " BT40 x 27mm facemill arbor " to suit an 80mm cutter body.



arbor011.jpgVarious length facemill arbors can be provided to cater for longer reach into pockets and cavities as required.  Arbors range to reducers whereby an ISO50 machine can accept an arbor using ISO40 tooling in the arbor, this can save huge expenses involved in tooling up for several types oarbor013.jpgf machine spindles in the one shop, utilizing the same tools between machines for general and jobbing machineshops.  Morse Taper tooling such as drills and reamers can easily be run in mills by the aid of an arbor to accept 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 MT tools.


arbor015.jpgHorizontal milling arbors are still popular today to run slitting saws and side and face cutters.



arbor017.jpgLikewise, boring and facing heads will also require a suitable arbor to fit into any machine spindle.



arbor025.jpgArbors can accept all types oarbor023.jpgf key and keyless chuck as well.



Rotary coolant inducer arbors are adapters to direct coolant thru the actual cutting tool mainly used for drilling and carbide endmills.