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boring1.jpgBoring and facing heads can be used in milling machines or drilling machines, which nowadays are replacing the horizontal borer machine.boring2.jpg

Boring heads are used to machine true and accurate sized bored holes with a boring head; will hold a close tolerance bore and parallel all the way through. The finish can also be graded with a boring head depending on the carbide inserts chipbreaker, grade and feed rate applied.

Ideally used for bushing or sleeving the bore; also used to reclaim a worn hole by rewelding, then boring back to size.  Boring heads are offset using graduated dialled screw, thus increasing the bore diameter in required increments.

boring3.gifBoring heads used for production, quite often run a roughing boring head (with double inserts), followed by a finishing boring head. The roughing boring head has two or more indexable inserts to allow a heavier cut
(ie. 2mm), then a tool change will locate a finish boring head to leave on size and better finish (ie. 0.2mm cut).

Several major brands and types of boring heads are available and have been sold by Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd; from production and modular boring heads systems and sets, including Pinzbohr boring heads, D'Andrea boring head systems, Walter boring systems and Iscar boring systems.

Give us a call for our specialised advice in this area to best accommodate your requirements.boring4.jpg

Generally, plain boring heads are more economical - however a boring and facing head will give the machinist the ability to machine a face across a job as well (ie. one setup on a milling machine to machine a bore through a casting, then facing or machining across the top of the casting, leaving a flat machined surface as well, without having to clock up or reclamp the job).

Facing with a boring and facing head has a stop bar to prevent the boring and facing head from spinning in the machine's spindle, the feed rate is selected to feed the boring bar or boring tool outwards at an even amount, until hitting a preset trip dog/stop to disengage the facing head.

Typically in Australia the "NAREX" boring and facing head are the most popular, available in Vhu36, Vhu56, Vhu80, Vhu 125 & Vhu160. Further size specifications on larger Narex boring and facing heads are available from Miller's Tooling staff.





Now supplied in a wooden box, with primary accessories only, including: extension bars, bushes, sleeves and feed rod.

Please note: Cutting tools and shanks sold separately
• Accuracy of 0.01mm on diameter
• Auto feed on facing operations
• Rapid traverse for return movement of slide
• Manufactured in Europe


Basic Technical Data
MODEL VHU 36 56 80 110 125 160
Slide Motion Max.(mm) 36 56 80 110 125 160
Facing Diameter Max.(mm) 230 320 380 430 610 690
Boring Diameter Max.(mm) 225 360 410 450 650 720
Automatic Feed (mm.rev-1) 0.02, 0.04, 0.06 0.05-0.10-0.15-0.20
Hand Rapid Feed (mm.rev-1) 3 4
Accuracy Of Adjustment  

      boring6.gif    1 div =0.01mm/ø

Diameter Of Clamping Holes dH8(mm) 16 25 32
Weight Of Head (kg) 2.1 7.5 8.1 8.4 12.4 13.8
Weight Of Set (kg) 5.3 18.6 19.0 19.5 33.0 34.3

Boring and Facing Heads available at Miller'sboring7.jpg Tooling Pty Ltd:

"Pinzbohr" boring heads & boring systems
" Walter " boring heads & boring systems
"Iscar" boring heads & boring systems
"D'Andrea" boring and facing heads & boring systems
"Narex" boring and facing heads & boring systems
"Vertex" boring and facing heads & boring systems
"Toolmaster" boring and facing heads
"China" economical boring and facing heads & boring systems



boring9.jpg boring8.jpg boring9.jpg
Boring and facing heads generally require boring bars to suit and we can offer a selection from high speed steel boring bars, brazed carbide tools and sets, indexable insert boring bars and sets.


boring11.jpgBoring and facing head arbors are availableboring12.jpg to suit a huge range of machine spindles from popular BT40 to 3MT. Some are thread mounted or bolt on. Precision boring heads have modular arbor mounting systems available.