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Parallel strips are hardened & ground steel pieces sold as a matching pair. Parallels are commonly used to support & accurately set jobs in a vice or bolted to the machine table.
Parallel strips provide clearance so as milling, drilling & tapping operations can be done without cutting into the machine table.
At Miller's Tooling, we offer many different sizes & height parallels sets or parallel pairs to suit all applications.


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             Angle parallels are ideal for setting up workpiece on an angle in a vice.

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Transfer blocks, or laminated blocks are used for packing & transferring magnetism on a surface grinder's magnetic chuck.

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VEE BLOCKSParallels 10.jpg

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Cast iron Vee blocks are extremely economical way to support round bar or jobs whilst machining or marking out. These vee blocks come as a pair in 2", 3" 4", 5", 6" & 8" width across the top surface.


Ground vee blocks are also quite commonly used for similar setups.
The vee block and clamps are usually for marking out & grinding purposes by toolmakers. Vee blocks and clamps have steps allowing height adjustment.Parallels 12.jpg


Granite vee blocks are very accurate for measuring & inspection testing.


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Magnet vee blocks can be very useful as well for grinding & marking out.





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Bottle jacks also come in a huge range of heights & sizes. The bottle jacks are great for packing under the workpiece to support which prevent chatter & distortion while machining.

When milling or grinding spindles with an indexing head set up, bottle jacks can help vibration etc.