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Rotary 03.jpgA rotary table will vary in diameter depending what you require to hold. Generally rotary tables can rotate thru. 360’ at 90:1 ratio. Using a manual rotary table, winding a handle around drives the worm gear to index the rotary table and can be clamped at designated position. Most rotary tables have a Morse Taper thru the centre spindle; also a 3 or 4 jaw chuck can be mounted to the rotary table for work holding. A big advantage of the “Vertex” rotary table is the handle can be removed & replaced with inRotary 04.jpgdexing plates for an increased range of hole selection.

Most common uses of the rotary table is for machining pitch circle diameters, cutting slots & grooves in a circle, helical gear & spline cutting etc.

Tailstocks are adjusted & matched to the centre height of the rotary table, ideally when machining shafts & spindles. Indexing heads are preferred for gear cutting & similar as the shaft can be set on an angle as the indexing head tilts thru 90’. Rotary tables are a lot more versatile, robust and common for general engineering. Mostly rotary tables can be used in horizontal or vertical position, when bolted to the machine table.



Rotary 05.jpgSuper spacers or indexers are a quick, economical way of indexing or rotating a job thru standard divisions dividable by 6.Rotary 07.jpg






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Tilting rotary tables can offer a broader range of engineering tasks.











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CNC machining centres use a rotary table as a 4th axis for machining, which is interfaced with the controller.

Kitagawa NC Rotary table series is designed to flexibly respond to a variety of machining needs. The strong spindle-clamping system, allows very high positioning accuracy, and large thru-hole sizes will accept the big shaft works.

Models can be configured with their own controller, to be driven by “M Codes” from the machine tool or as full 4th and 5th axis controlled directly from the CNC of the machine tool.





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Miller’s Tooling can offer:

“Vertex” rotary tables

“Kitagawa” rotary tables

Rotary indexing tables

Super spacer rotary indexing tables

Rotary table chucks

CNC rotary tables & indexing heads

Milling rotary tables

Tilting rotary tables

Rotary tables for drilling

Rotary tables for milling

Horizontal rotary tables

Vertical rotary tables

Precision rotary tables

Positional rotary tables