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At Miller’s Tooling, we stock & supply several types of tool height setters for CNC machine centre tool heights & tool lengths. Tool height setters come in a dial indicator type or a LED tool height setter.


Tool height pre-setters provide fast, high accuracy measuring solutions – and have been designed for 'right first time' machining. Eliminating the need for test and trial cuts – and, as a consequence, a potential loss in production. Height pre-setters are Tool Height Setters 04.jpgused to measure workpiece reference points and tooling off-set values quickly and efficiently. Tool height pre-setters can be used on lathes and machining centres.


Tool Height Setters 03.jpgThe LED tool setter has a red LED light to indicate contact of the tool, this can be confirmed as the tool is raised off the tool setter again winding the Z axis manually, up & down.

Both tool setters have a spring loaded pad, so over run does not damage the tool cutting edge.



A basic method of tool setting can also be attained by the use of a rigid marking out table, vernier height gauge & tool in a tool holding fixture or tool holding stand. Then apply the calculations from the machines gauge line.


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Easson ET-300H tool presetter is intended to improve the efficiency of CNC machining centre's. With advantages of easy to use operation and high precision.

When the ET-300H Tool Pre-Setter is used where common parts processing takes place, the efficiency is increased with less machine down time. The result is reduced setup time, by having the tools taken from Tool Pre-Setter directly to the CNC machining centre ready to commence machining. For large machine shops with many CNC machining centre's, only one ET-300H is needed to do all workshops pre-setting work.

Operation of ET-300H is very simple and direct, ET-300H is equipped with a precision standard cone as its benchmark zero, The digital readout counter of ET-300H takes the standard cone as 0.000, and the size difference between the measured tool and the standard cone is the tool compensation data, which can be input directly into the controller of CNC machining center.

Also available in Optical Type.


Measuring range for shaft: 0-300mm

Measuring range for radius: 0-150mm

Repeatability: ±0.003mm

Setting accuracy: ≤4µm

Display resolution: 0.001mm

Concentricity: 0.004mm

Standard shank:(optional) ISO/BT 40 50

Taper: 7,24

Interchangeable accessories ISO/BT 30-40-50.HSK

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Renishaw has a range of products for tool setting and broken tool detection on machining centres

TS27R is Renishaw's established touch trigger tool setting solution, with a proven track record of reliability and high cost effectiveness:

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·                         Tool setting

·                         static length setting for drills, taps etc.

·                         rotating length setting for face mills and other large cutters.

·                         rotating diameter setting for slot drills, boring bars etc.

·                         Tool breakage detection

·                         Checking of tool lengths to ensure that tools are intact after machining.

·                         Tool verification

·                                     Tool length and diameters can be checked before use to prevent errors in tool selection.


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Setting a new standard in shop floor tool measuring!

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Toolsetting made easy with EZSet.  EZSet sets a new standard in shop floor tool measuring with it's intuitive EZClick menu system and automatic edge and tool shape detection.  Measure tools in seconds with micron accuracy... its so easy.


Toolsetting Made Easy with “EZSet"

·    Automatic cutting shape recognition with dynamic cross hair edge detection

·    EZClick pick and push menu selection drive all the EZSet features

·    Shortest training time required for accurate and details results

·    Prints directly to sticker to put on tool or electronic transfer via optional software

·    Edge Inspection mode included allows magnified screen view of insert to check for wear

“EZSet” Tool Presetter Features

·    Measure your cutting tools automatically on the shop floor without stopping your CNC's

·    Quickly set adjustable tools, like boring heads, with realtime coordinate display

·    Print sticky labels for the tool for manual input or upload electronically with optional software

·    Live camera for edge inspection on the built in display

·    Measure angles, radii, champher nominal diameters, tool shank run out and more…

·    Standard spindle suits BT-50 with upto 99 different adaptors available to suit VDI, HSK etc

·    Adaptor Management built in, no test arbors required

·    Made in Germany