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Milling arbors & cutting tools are very expensive pieces of tooling and provide accuracy from the machines spindle. Corrosion or burrs on an arbor transferred to your machine’s spindle can be costly and create runout & inaccuracies on the job. A good tradesman will always maintain & look after his tools, likewise why wrestle with a collet chuck on a bench (or vice!!) trying to replace a collet or cutter?Tool Holders 05.jpg



Here at Miller’s Tooling we offer you a variety of economical tool stands & tool holding stands. Milling tool arbors & collet chucks can sit snugly in these tool pockets whilst you fit pull studs or collets.



Endmill stands can keep your shop tidy & save time when selecting cutters.


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Tooling racks are ideally suited to hold milling arbors, facemill cutters & collet chucks in plastic pockets so as not to damage the arbors, etc. Not lying about the bench collecting swarf & coolant!








Alternatively look at our tooling cabinet & tooling trolley range to lock away milling tools & valuable taps & carbide inserts. These tooling cabinets offer protection & cleanliness.


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Spindle wipers are avail in BT 40 & BT50 to assist in keeping your machine spindle clean & good condition.



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Storage bins & holders are useful in all engineering shops.

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