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Several sizes, brands and options are available from Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd withAirguns 02.jpg airguns. Air guns & dusters can be used to blow down work areas to maintain a tidy & professional environment. Airguns & air dusters are mainly used in the engineering trade for blowing air thru. bores, barrels, blind holes, etc to clean out swarf, grit etc.

Miller’s Tooling can offer length of nozzles in 100mm,150mm 200mm & 325mm.
Importantly, most of our airguns have a brass threaded insert in the base to prevent cracks & loosing air.



Nitto style air couplings & air fittings are readily avail from Miller’s Tooling. Several other standarAirtools 17.jpgdAirtools 12.jpg type air fittings & couplings are supplied. These quality fittings supply high flow air to the airlines & pneumaic air tools.
Several type of air oilers & air regulators & air filters can be supplied to suit your requirements.Airguns 04.jpgAirtools 13.jpg

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 Industrial Air Line Couplers.bmp


It is important to maintain air hoses to prevent air leaks, which in turn can be costly on compressor  running cost  Leaks are quiet common due to welding splatter, cuts etc. Several lengths & size air hoses are avail. here. Even the retractable air hose mounted to the wall or carry around the site.

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