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MIRRORS – Inspection mirrors, led mirrors, telescopic mirrors 

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"Ullman" inspection mirrors are reknowned throughout the world as quality inspection mirrors, available in telescopic inspection mirrors or plain inspection mirrors in various diameters.
Ullman inspection mirrors LONGER, STRONGER, & LIGHTWEIGHT
Unique combination of features make these Inspection Mirrors the best available
Clear glass mirror for perfect reflection
All-angle ball joint holds mirror firmly for 360 degree viewing
Mirror encased in rugged corrosion resistant brushed stainless steel
Comfortable textured cushion grip keeps handle secure even in wet or oily hands
Extra long & lightweight stainless steel shaft.

HTE-2 Mirror Telescoping 32mm diameter maximum length 890mm Ullman
HTC-2 Mirror Telescoping 57mm diameter maximum length 924mm Ullman
HTS-2 Mirror Telescoping 83mm diameter maximum length 750mm Ullman
HTS-2L Mirror Telescoping 83mm diameter maximum length 1,334mm Ullman
HTC-2LM Mirror Magnifying & Telescoping 57mm diameter maximum length 890mm Ullman
HTK-2 Mirror Telescoping 55 x 90mm Rectangular maximum length 755mm Ullman

LED Lighted Inspection Mirrors

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LED Light illuminates dark areas for perfect inspection
All-angle ball joint holds the round mirror head firmly at any angle for perfect viewing
Long, strong, and lightweight stainless steel shaft
UV Lighted model available, perfect for leak detection
Rectangular model features rotating lights


Regular Inspection Tools

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Item: Description:
A-2T Circular Telescopic Inspection Mirror 22mm diameter max length 460mm ULLMAN
E-2T Circular Telescopic Inspection Mirror 32mm diameter max length 470mm ULLMAN
C-2 Circular Telescopic Inspection Mirror 57mm diameter max length 350mm ULLMAN
C-2M Circular Magnifying Telescopic Inspection Mirror 57mm max length 350mm ULLMAN
C-2SS Circular Telescopic Inspection Mirror Stainless Steel 57mm diameter max length 350mm
K-2 Rectangular Telescopic Inspection Mirror 54mm x 90mm max length 390mm ULLMAN
MG-2 Magnifying Glass 60mm diameter Telescopic maximum length 915mm ULLMAN
C-2X Magnetic Based Inspection Mirror 57mm ULLMAN
S-2X Magnetic Based Inspection Mirror 83mm ULLMAN

Miller’s Tooling offer several brands & selection of telescopic inspection mirrors

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Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd also offers Kincrome inspection mirrors, a must for the handyman or tradesman's toolbox. PART NO. WT045• Fully extendable extension mirror with fully flexible head and a 40mm diameter mirror will provide good visibility in concealed areas
• Plated finish and comes complete with pocket clip
• Flexible Head
• Telescopic Handle
• 40mm Diameter Mirror

Adjustable Length: 180mm - 500mm (7" - 20")
Diameter: 40mm