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Miller’s Tooling can offer a wide selection of O Ring hook & pick sets in many brands & sizes. Give us a call to assist you.


Ullman LED Lighted Hook & Pick

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Ideal for separating wires, removing small fuses or o-rings, retrieving and marking metal in dark or hard to view areas

Includes 90 degree, Complex, Hook, and Straight Picks

Measures 247mm length

Ergonomic Composite handle with On / Off button

Durable Carbon Polished heat-Treated Steel

HIGH INTENSITY LED Light illuminates the work area

Item: Description:

CHP4-LT Hook & Pick Set 4 Piece Extra Long LED Lighted ULLMAN


Hook & Pick with ScrewDriver Handles

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4 Piece Hook & Pick Set

Made in the USA

Each Hook & Pick manufactured from high carbon polished steel and is permanently inserted into a sturdy plastic handle

Each tool 130mm overall length

Item: Description:

PSP-4 Hook & Pick Set 4 Piece ScrewDriver Handles ULLMAN


O Ring Pickers 06_2017OCT.jpg


The Kincrome Hook and Pick set PART NO. 06058 is ideal for the removal of O' rings and rubber seals. This set consists of four different styled hooks and picks with featuring TorqueMaster® ergonomically designed handles made from P.V.C. & rubber compound to give anti-slip and positive grip. The Kincrome Hook and Pick Set is ideal for any trade application.


• Designed to ease the removal of O' rings, cotter pins, seals and bushes in various automotive applications

• Blades are manufactured from Chrome Vanadium Steel (Cr-V), hardened and tempered with impact resistant handles