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The Digital Calipers (sometimes incorrectly called the Digital Vernier Calipers) is a precision instrument that can be used to measure internal and external distances extremely accurately. Termed Digital Calipers as the distances/measurements, are read from a LCD display. Earlier versions of this type of measuring vernier instruments had to be read by looking carefully at the imperial or metric scale and there was a need for very good eyesight in order to read the small sliding scale. Manually operated vernier calipers & dial calipers can still be bought and remain popular because they are much cheaper than the digital calipers version. Also, the digital calipers version requires a small battery whereas the manual vernier calipers version does not need any power source.

Digital calipers are easier to use as the measurement is clearly displayed on the LED screen and also, by pressing the inch/mm button the distance can be read or converted to metric or imperial. The display is turned on with the on/off button. Most digital calipers now turn ON with movement & auto OFF after some 10 minutes without use.

The external jaws on the digital calipers should be brought together until they touch and the zero buttons should be pressed. The digital calliper can then be used to measure distances. Always go through this procedure when turning on the digital calipers display for the first time.

Digital “vernier” calipers are generally used for precise measurement in machining; however a micrometer is still required for most accurate measurement. Being digital does allow very fine tolerance to 0.00005” or 0.0001mm to be displayed – Remember - This is only on a general LED scale showing a figure –this real accuracy is only achieved by correct feel on a micrometer.

Miller’s Tooling sells high end digital calipers to medium quality digital calipers, generally referred to as digital verniers. Some digital vernier calipers are avail. with data output for Q.A. & linking to laptops, etc to record info & batch items. Major brands such as Mitutoyo, Starrett, Measumax, Accud, Kincrome, Toledo, Insize plus many other brands. You only get what you pay for… the top end series offer IP67 rating, plus many better features & reliability. Although digital calipers can nowadays be purchased anywhere very cheap -- Using a cheap, copy or lesser quality digital vernier calipers may cause errors – leading to a wasted job or expensive repair. Miller’s Tooling sees many cheap digital calipers with major issues are battery going flat constantly, flashing LED screen & LED’s failing & inaccurate sizes shown, with jaws not parallel...

If you are serious about machining – then invest in a good digital vernier calipers – worth every cent.

Coolant Proof IP-67 (CEI60529). Precision digital calipers with stainless steel body and slides. Ideal application where dust and coolant is prevalent. The international ratings organisation explains the following conditions for IP-67

The "6" denotes: "Protected against dust - limited ingress (no harmful deposit)"

The "7" denotes: "Protected against immersion between a depth of 15cm to 1 metre in fluids"

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A vernier scale is a device that lets the user measure
more precisely than could be done unaided when reading a uniformly divided straight or circular measurement scale. It is a scale that indicates where the measurement lies in between two of the marks on the main scale. Verniers are common on sextants used in navigation, scientific instruments used to conduct experiments, more importantly Miller’s Tooling provide to the machinists' measuring tools (all sorts, but especially vernier calipers and micrometers) used to work materials to fine tolerances, and in absolute encoders to measure linear or rotational displacements.
The vernier calipers are available with a fine adjustment or a thumb spring lock, and just a screw lock. All doing the same job, with personal preference.

Most popular vernier is the 200mm / 8” fine adjust. vernier, although the 200mm/8” digital calipers have now taken over.

Digital calipers, Dial calipers and Vernier calipers are available in 100mm/4” Vernier calipers, 150mm/6” Vernier calipers, 300mm/12” Vernier calipers, 500mm/20” Vernier calipers, 600mm/24” Vernier calipers, 1000mm/60” Vernier calipers and upwards in size

DIAL CALIPERS (verniers)

The Dial Calipers is also referred to as a dial vernier or dial vernier calipers. Used mainly by the traditional toolmaker. The dial calipers is only Metric or alternatively in Imperial, (NOT A COMBINATION – AS WITH OTHER VERNIERS) with a needle in the dial calipers to show size. Not nearly as common these days, however Miller’s Tooling can still easily supply dial calipers to you.