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FEELER GAUGES ( Thickness gauges)

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A feeler gauge is a tool used to measure gap widths. Feeler gauges are mostly used in engineering to measure the clearance between two parts. 

Feeler gauges consist of a number of small lengths of steel of different thicknesses with measurements marked on each piece. feeler gauge blades are flexible enough that, even if they are all on the same hinge, several can be stacked together to gauge intermediate values. It is common to have two sets for imperial units (typically measured in thousandths of an inch) and metric (typically measured in hundredths of a millimetre) measurements.

Thickness Gauge with straight leaves are used in automotive, aviation, diesel and farm equipment manufacture and services and also in jig, fixture, gauge and experimental work. Especially useful in adjusting tappets, spark plugs, distributor points, checking bearing clearances and gear play, fitting pistons, rings and pins and gauging narrow slots

A similar device with wires of specific diameter instead of flat blades is used to set the gap in spark plugs to the correct size; this is done by increasing or decreasing the gap until the gauge of the correct size just fits inside the gap. 

The feeler gauge lengths of steel are sometimes called leaves or blades, although they have no sharp edge.

A taper feeler gauge is a feeler gauge of tapered, as opposed to parallel, shape. The blade of the gauge is of a constant thickness, and the two types of gauge are used in a similar way.

Miller’s Tooling can also supply feeler gauges as sets or alternatively we can also supply the feeler gauge blade lengths of 12” blades or similar.