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Annular Hole Cutters 03.jpgSeveral brands of annular hole cutters are available from Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd. An annular cutter is used heavily in the fabrication & construction industry. Annular hole cutters are run in magnetic base drills, ideal for site work. Drilling beam & RHS, plate, etc.

The standard annular cutters can range in depth of cut into steels. The annular hole cutters relyAnnular Hole Cutters 04.jpg on an ejector pin thru the centre to eject the waste slug thru the hole, (no sticking scrap, like holesaws) cutting oil or coolant is essential to assist cutting. Most magnetic base drills do have a small coolant container attached.


Annular hole cutters can easily be adapted to conventional drilling machines & milling machines simply with a Morse Taper, rotary coolant adaptor, also readily avail from Miller’s Tooling.


Mini annular hole cutters can be drilled in elec. pedestal drills or portable hand drills Annular Hole Cutters 05.jpgwith a 3/8” orAnnular Hole Cutters 06.jpg ½” shank arbor.

¼” mini cutters are great for any shop or handyman, avail in mini kits 8 – 20mm.


Also in kits, cutting depth of ½”, kits have 10 – 25mm avail, also individual hole cutters & arbors avail.


Standard annular hole cutters come in 25mm depth cutter, 50mm depth, 75mm depth & even 100mm depth of cutting.


The main advantages of drilling holes with an annular hole cutter;


1)       3 x faster than a drill (removing only outer diameter in swarf)

2)       Longer tool life than a drill (less heat/friction than a drill)

3)       10 x faster than a conventional hole saw

4)       300 x life, compared to a holesaw

5)       Cutting thru round pipe & tube without wandering

6)       Notching pipe, tube, RHS etc.

7)       Nice “round” hole, no or minimal burr.

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Annular Hole Cutters 08.jpg


Slugger Logo.jpg“Slugger” annular hole cutters seem to be the most popular name in the Australian market, with more than 20 years on the Australian Market, the 'Slugger' brand name has a proven reputation for High Quality, Reliable, Robust and Durable Machines & Cutters. Customers can also be confident with ongoing backup service. Our extensive range of machines, cutters & accessories enable Slugger products to be used in a diverse range of applications




Simply send them in to us.


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Rotabroach® Annular Cutters
or “Hougen” annular hole cutters are also the generic named cutters and are extremely popular.  


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We also offer the “Karnasch” annular hole cutters from Germany, whereby the tool life is dramatically increased, especially in high tensile & wear plate such as Bisalloy 360/400 steels.


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**HOLESAWS & TCT Cutters**

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Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd are proud distributors of;


“Slugger” magnetic base drills

“Powerbar” magnetic base drills

“Houghen” magnetic base drills

“Hafco” magnetic base drills

“China” magnetic base drills

“Karnash” annular hole cutters
“Slugger” annular hole cutters

“Rotabroach” annular hole cutters

“Houghen” annular hole cutters

“Hafco” annular hole cutters

“China” annular hole cutters