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“LOC-LINE” is the original modular coolant hose, nozzles and fittingsCoolant Hoses 02.bmp manufacturer from the USA. Although Miller’s Tooling can also supply other generic brands of coolant hose & coolant fittings, we prefer and recommend Loc-line coolant nozzles & fittings. “Maxiflex” coolant hoses and Maxiflex coolant nozzles from Switzerland can also be supplied. The blue Locline coolant hose is designed in x3 bore sizes with the ¼” bore & ½” bore as the regular choice for most lathes & mills.


A neat trick is to assemble the Locline coolant hoses & fittings first up in morning prior to hands getting oily, so as the Locline fittings click in together readily. Alternatively, Loc-line also manufactures Locline pliers for assembly of the Locline fittings & Locline nozzles.

Locline hoses can be used in many applications as illustrated below.


Acid Resistant Loc-Line®

Acid resistant coolant fittings & coolant hoses are also avail. thru Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd manufactured in an acid resistant polyester. Acid environments won't corrode the Loc-Line Acid Resistant Hose because of it's polyester composition.
CAUTION - Loc-Line® Acid Resistant Hose is not intended for conveying acids or high pressure


Coolant Hoses 03.bmpThe Loc-Line® 2-1/2" Vacuum Hose is designed to be added to an existing central vacuum system to extract smoke, dust, fumes and particles at the source. It is easy to position within a work area and can be mounted to a 3" thin walled PVC drain pipe, 3" sheet metal duct, or a portable shop vacuum

Generally the best starter package is the ¼” system:

LOCLINE KIT NO 40413 & extension pack LOCLINE KIT No. 41475

These packs give you several Locline threaded fittings, 12” Locline hose in 4” rigid sections, and 12” of Locline hose. Also several Locline nozzles to select from.






 Coolant Hoses 04.bmp


Locline also manufacturers a popular safety shield with a strong magnetic base & polycarbonate shield avail in x3 sizes:

Loc-line 60525   6"x8" Shield Kit

Loc-line 60526   71⁄2"x10" Shield Kit

Loc-line 60527   81⁄2"x12" Shield Kit








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Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd stocks a huge range of the LOC-LINE coolant hose & Loc-line coolant fittings & Loc-line coolant nozzles.