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COOLANTS & OILS                 



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Miller's Tooling is proudly a stockist distributor of Excision coolants & cutting oils , also Houghton coolants and cutting oils. Our range includes several types of coolants, slideway oils, machine tool cleaner, rustveto (rust preventative for storage), inhibitor and biocides. Most products ready to go in 20lt drums, although 205lt drums are also available.



IS YOUR COOLANT AT THE CORRECT PERCENTAGE??  The COOLANT MIXER TAP is a great way to mix soluble coolants easily, without touching the coolants. Anyone can simply set the correct ratio of coolant on the coolant mixer valve, turn on the water tap, the venturi mixes coolant to correct ratio all the time. No more guessing!!!

A coolant refractometer is used easily & very handy to check coolant ratio in the machine whenever. As coolant changes so much daily with heat, useage & evaporation. An economy hand held refractometer can even show you when your machine tools coolant has gone off. Will quickly and accurately measure the concentrate to water ratio of metal working coolants, parts cleaners, chromating solutions and many other types of aqueous based solutions and emulsions. With automatic temperature compensation (ATC) & Supplied in hard protective case.                    Coolant Refractometer Features;

  • Scale 0-18 Brix
  • Dirty and old coolant is also shown as blurred line. Clean new coolant is shown as a sharp line
refractometer.jpg                    3_Brixrefractometer _Scale.jpg
Coolants are generally water soluble at about 6 - 7%, although up to 10% for stainless or a lot of drilling and tapping.
The slideway oil is often overlooked; STAPUT 68 is dedicated slideway oil which is tacky to stay on the slides and not wash off into the coolant, as standard hydraulic 68 oil does; many machine shops suffer this problem.

We also offer sump soakers (elephant tampons) to drop into the sump to assist soaking up waste tramp oils.

Various types of oil skimmers are also on offer to separate and remove unwanted tramp oils from the machines coolant (see below).

"Rustveto" is the perfect rust preventative to either spray or paint onto finished components for storage.

"Machine Tool Cleaner" is essential when changing coolants or for the annual cleanout. Why bother putting fresh coolant into a contaminated, smelly tank?  Machine tool cleaner can be mixed with your old coolant the day before cleanout; continue using the machine, flushing the cleaner thru. The pipes, pump, etc - then dump the lot
24 hours later. Y ou will be surprised how clean the tanks and guards will come up; ready for the new Houghton's coolant to go in the clean tank.

Metal Working Fluids

Metal Cutting

Water-dilutable, synthetics and emulsions, for any application on ferrous or non-ferrous metal.

Long lasting transparent grinding concentrates, free cutting with rust inhibitors.

Straight ready to use cutting oils for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Cerfa-Kleen® / Houghto-Clean®
Alkaline, acid, emulsion and solvent cleaners for use at room temperature or as hot solutions in soak tank and powder wash systems.

Rust Preventives

Rust Veto®
Thick, thin, dry and transparent film types. Water displacing and water based preservatives. Products suitable for indoor, outdoor, short term and long term protection.

Wire Drawing

Cindol® / Houghto-Draw®
Non ferrous wire drawing including aluminium, copper, brass and bronze alloys.

Heat Treatment

Fast and normal quenching oils.

Water based synthetic quenchants.

For hot oil quenching to 280°C.

Draw Temp®
For tempering, martempering and austempering steel, heat treating aluminium alloys.

Steel Production release agents.

Hot Forging Agents
Graphites and non-graphited high temperature metal forming lubricants.

Rolling Oils

Hot Mill Products
Tandemol & Tandemol BR Series-Rolling Oils
Tandemol Additives

Cold Mill Products
Cindol CR Series- Food Grade,FDA-Approved
Copper Rolling Oils

Hot and cold steel rolling oils.
Rolling Oil

















rapidtap_1.jpgTapping fluids such as "Rapid tap" fluid or paste are also on the shelf at Miller's Tooling Pty Ltd. They are available in 4oz tins, 1pint tins or the paste in 500g tubs. 


coolant012.jpg"INOX" oils and greases are avail from Miller's Tooling for general purpose usage in engineering shops. 



coolant014.gif"LOCLINE" coolant hose is the best avail from the USA, the list of nozzles and connectors avail is huge. 

CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR "Coolant Hoses & Nozzles" PAGE

CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR "Coolant Pumps & Tanks" PAGE












coolant022_0.jpgCoolant odour tablets can help keep your machineshop smelling better; simply drop an odour tablet into the coolant tank. Available in tubes of 15 tablets.

coolant024.jpgUsing a refractometer to check your coolant percentage on a regular basis will keep your coolant costs down and keep the coolant performance at its optimum. This will in turn assist better finishes, longer carbide tool life and coolant free of smells and bacteria. Simply put a drop of coolant on the refractometer plate, look through the lens and get an instant coolant % reading; also instant gauging of the coolant's condition.

Tramp oil collecting in the coolant is an expense and can be bacteria creating inside the sump or coolant tank. The tramp oil is generally caused directly from slideway oils being washed off or leaked into the coolant. As the slide oil is not soluble oil like the coolant, it will float on top of the coolant creating a black, scum residue on the surface. This is known as "tramp oil". A lot of CNC machines have this common problem.

Tramp oil covers the coolant like a blanket, in turn, preventing oxygen circulating through the coolant and soon the coolant goes off.  Bacteria etc then forms inside the coolant tank, usually not seen; can be irritating and cause dermatitis and the odour is hard to get off your hands and clothes. The stench of rotten eggs as you open the doors of the CNC machine is a pretty good indicator... this is quite a common problem faced by most machineshops.

A quick fix is using "sump soakers" to clear up the tramp oil if not excessive; give the machine a good flush out with Machine Tool Cleaner first.  Oil skimmers are available to prevent this problem occurring.  Several types of oil skimmers are available at Miller's Tooling.

Disk Skimmers

coolant027.gifMiller's Tooling is a Distributor of Mechanical Skimmers that separate oil from Coolant for any style sump.

Coolant is expensive to buy and dispose. It can be destroyed quickly by anaerobic bacteria if tramp oils are not removed. Zebra's GS disk skimmer solves these problems. It automatically separates and removes the tramp oil, extending the coolant's usefulness.coolant028.jpg
• Separates oil from coolant and returns clean coolant to sump
• Increases coolant lifetime
• Reduces disposal costs because it removes only oil
• Saves time and labour
• Unbreakable disk (lifetime guarantee)
• Wipers that don't need adjustment (lifetime guarantee)
• Patented gravity separator
• Continuous-duty fan-cooled motor with a one year warranty
• Rated at 2 litres/hour


coolant027.gifImpossible sumps require a Zebra Sidewinder

• Eliminates tramp oils extending tooling and coolant life
• Requires minimum opening 12mm x 76mm
• Prevents rancidity and other health hazards coolant029.jpg
• Compatible with Zebra DiverterTM
• Skim from underneath the chip conveyor, or on the back of a lathe. It even works on a totally enclosed machine. Installs in seconds.
• Can reach from 20 to 152 cm
• Continuous-duty fan-cooled motor
• Long lasting ceramic scraper is outside the unit, so chips don't clog the drain
• Large discharge port for easy cleaning
• Oil removal capacity rated at 1 litre per hour
• One year warranty all parts
• Satisfaction guaranteed

Belt Skimmers

coolant027.gifZebra Exclusive! Belt skimmers set the standard with easy-clean collection tray

• Compatible with Zebra Diverter eliminating coolant in oil output
• 4 standard sizes (203, 305, 457, 607 mm reach)
• Other sizes available upon request coolant030.jpg
• Stainless steel belts available for high-temperature applications
• Easy to remove and clean collection tray
• Continuous-duty fan-cooled motor
• Removes about 3.87 litres / hr of oil wiping BOTH sides of the belt
• Self-tensioning belt
• Rugged, heavy-duty construction
• Fixed lower pulley, small enough for a small bung hole
• One year warranty on all parts
• Scrapers guaranteed for life - (only 30 days on steel belts)
• Powder-coated for durability
• Zebra quality replacement parts also available for other belt skimmers