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Hacksaw Blades 01.jpg HACKSAW BLADES (POWER & HAND)


 Hacksaw Blades 02.jpgPower hacksaw machines were extremely popular in most workshops in the past. Although today, the power hacksaw seems to be replaced with the more economicalHacksaw Blades 03.jpg bandsaw machines and coldsaw machines/drop saws in most engineering shops. Power hacksaw machines are perfect still for the handyman or maintenance shops.

The power hacksaw machine is basically a machine with a reciprocating arm which moves the hacksaw blade forward then reverses for a next cut; this is combined with a variable downward feed. The work to be cutoff is clamped securely in a vice. Hence a large automated hacksaw, driven off a cam action & electric motor. 

Hacksaw Blades 04.jpg

Power hacksaw blades will vary in size from aprox. 300mm to 850mm blades. Power hacksaw blades are avail still at Miller’s Tooling as HSS blades or the preferred Bi-Metal blades. “Bi-Metal” blades are basically a spring steel blade with hardened teeth laser welded along the edge, allowing long cutting life of the teeth with a flexible blade. Various teeth pitches are also avail. for the hacksaw blades. So as the best power hacksaw blade tooth pitch is to be selected to suit the material to be cut.

Ideally use a coarse tooth power hacksaw blade for softer materials (i.e.; alum, nylon) then use a fine tooth power hacksaw blade for cutting harder steels. Power hacksaw teeth pitch range from 4TPI – 14 TPI generally.

Hacksaw Blades 05.jpg


Hacksaw Blades 06.jpg

The hand hacksaw is one of the most popular handtools used by fitters & handyman alike. Hacksaw frames vary in design, leading to the latest ergonomic being design by “Bahco” hacksaw frames.


Every apprentice or tradesman requires a hacksaw in their toolkit. Hand hacksaws are used for cutting steels, brass, aluminium and any other materials required for quick cutoff.

The hacksaw blades avail. at Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd are Bi-Metal blades, which are basically a spring steel blade with hardened teeth laser welded along the edge, allowing long cutting life of the teeth with a flexible blade. Most hand hacksaw applications require the hacksaw blade to be abused, twisted etc.


Hand hacksaw blades are avail in various teeth pitches, 18TPI, 24TPI and 32TPI.

  18T best for softer materials & 32T for the steels. Obviously 24T for a best all rounder hacksaw blade.


A good quality hacksaw blade is imperative, so as the tradesman can get the job done without constantly replaceing hacksaw blades that are either blunt or twisted. “You only get what you pay for in the long term” – this phrase really applies to these consumable hacksaw blades.

When cutting with a hand hacksaw remember the cutting stroke is only in the forward motion, conserve your energy and only apply force when cutting forward. Dragging the hacksaw blade back is only positioning for the next forward stroke! Always mark a scribed line as a vertical guide to cut straight, so the hacksaw blade won’t be wandering. The hand hacksaw is very versatile as the blade can be positioned to several different ways. Ideally the square frame hacksaws are the more rigid than other types. 


 Hacksaw Blades 07.jpg

The virtually unbreakable and shatterproof Bi-metal blade with precision ground teeth for all kinds of metal sawing. With a blade back of strong, flexible spring steel and a tooth line in high-alloyed super high speed steel, this blade is guaranteed to keep its sharpness for a long time. The new SANDFLEX® blade combines extreme cutting performance and wear resistance with a high degree of flexibility and is vastly superior to all-hard high speed blades or conventional, flexible blades.
Packaging of -100 : 10 bundles of 10 blades in black, plastic box with transparent cover.
-100-RET: 100 individually bar coded blades in a unique dispenser package.
-10P: 10 blades in a special package with hanging loop.
-5P: 5 blades in a special package with hanging loop.
-3P: 3 blades, 1 each of 18, 24 and 32 TPI, in plastic pouch, box of 10 packs.
-2P: 2 carded blades, box of 10 packs.


Bahco has a huge range of cutting saws avail. from Miller’s Tooling Pty Ltd, including; pruning saws, jigsaws, hole saws, tenon saws, bow saws, etc




SAWS (Hand, drop & Mitre)






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